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Our expertise with the following will help your trees and landscape flourish and/or become safer.

Tree Removal & Emergency Tree Removal

In all cases, tree removal is best handled by the reputable professionals.  We have the equipment, experience and expertise to remove any tree safely in any situation.

A Low Cost Tree Service is the first company in Pinellas County to have the Knuckle Boom Grapple! Called an industry game changer by many; the grapplesaw truck crane is the safest and most efficient method of tree removal.

Our professional and highly-skilled crew can remove a tree safely and ensure there is no damage done to the structures around your home. If you are looking for tree removal services and you want a company that has a proven track record of dependability, safety and great customer service, contact us to learn more.

We are fully insured for your protection.

Yes! We provide storm damage and hurricane damage tree removal services

Tree Trimming

Tree pruning enhances and restores the beauty of your trees and is a necessary component of proper landscape maintenance. Regular pruning also helps to protect your trees against storm damage; the risk of falling branches or limbs and other potential hazards can be reduced through the elimination of deadwood, crossover branches, decay and unwanted growth. Proper pruning is necessary for a healthy tree. Removing dead or dying branches discourages the spread of decay or insect infestations. It also removes safety hazards while improving the tree’s appearance.

Proper pruning can also help prevent storm damage. By contrast, topping and lion’s tailing, while sometimes touted as ways to “make trees safe”, causes severe and permanent damage to trees.

A Low Cost Tree Service performs proper trimming and pruning in accordance with the professional guidelines.

Storm Damage

%%fname%% %%lname%%Storms can cause serious damage to trees and fallen or significantly damaged trees may threaten your property and your safety.  Many shade and ornamental trees are damaged throughout the year by windstorms, lightning or other mechanical sources (automobiles, vandalism, etc.). Damage usually consists of a few broken branches.

However, more severe damage such as splitting or pulling apart of branch forks, removal of large areas of bark, twisting and splitting of the trunk, or even uprooting may occur.

These injuries usually result in a change in appearance of the tree and increase its susceptibility to a subsequent insect or disease attack, or can cause damage to surrounding buildings and vehicles. Thus, it is important that the damage be properly treated and repairs made to maintain the health of the tree and safety to the surrounds.

Occasionally, trees may be uprooted as a result of severe storms. If the tree is large, it cannot be saved and therefore must be removed.

Yes! We provide storm damage and hurricane damage tree removal services